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Home Youtube Status Update

17 March 2011

The system is restored, everything is working properly now.


16 March 2011

Temporary system was set up. Details are here.

Clients with outstanding videos kindly contact us for a compensation plan. Thank you.


13 March 2011

Our network is affected by the Japan Tsunami. Slow and fast services are delayed.




April 23, 2010

Everything is working fine now.


April 22, 2010

Once again, youtube has problem. Most of the counters haven't increased for the last 24 hours. For comments and analysis, please refer to Youtube Discussion Forum:


To existing clients: please stay calm and do not worry at the moment. This is what we cannot control. Your orders will be started again once Youtube status is back to normal.


July 20, 2009

We now improve our rate of pushing views at 5000 views per day now. Order now if you want to grap the oppotunity of fast promoting views.


July 7, 2009

We are promoting youtube video at a steady rate of 800-1000 views per day.

We are launching various new services: Increase Metacafe Video, Increase Break Video, Increase DailyMotion Video and Increase MySpace Video Views.

20% off in the launching phase.


April 22, 2009

Our services are working properly as normal.



March 9, 2009

The problem hasn't been solved yet. No news from youtube staff.

All view orders are on hold. For those who ordered please assure that I will process them asap when youtube is back to normal.

Rating/Fav/Comment/Subscriber services work normally.


March 1, 2009

This is the only response from youtube staff today:

Hi folks,

We’ve made a change in our public-facing view counts across the site
that will enable us to consistently reflect what is considered a
'view,' based upon video consumption, video streaming and spam
filtering. This only affects view counts from February 25 moving

Implementing this change also caused view count updates to slow down a
bit in general; many people have noticed this and we're aware of the

- Timmy

I guess we have to wait more.


February 26, 2009

This news might concern you.

Youtube has freezed views in the last 48 hours. Many topics in youtube help section have mentioned this.
I paste the link here for your information.

As a result of this, our youtube view increase service has stalled. I will keep you updated here once the matter is resolved.