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Home Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the guarantee on getting YouTube Views?
We’ve promoted for countless videos each day, we’ve always hit our mark. Actually I’m lying, we’ve HIT MORE then what you’re purchasing. This is because we can’t stop people from viewing at exactly the numbers you’ve purchased. So enjoy the little something more, it's on us.

How does your service work?
The million dollar question. It's a combination of being your promotional manager, a little bit of magic, and a whole lotta of hustling… actually it’s pretty complex involving relinking your video out to other sites, server technology, and more. But in all honesty, its a trade secret but you’ll love the results!

How long does it take before our views will start showing?
After purchasing our service, this is the most often asked question. YouTube is a mammoth beast that is getting so much traffic each second. They literally have various database and servers handling each element of their site. So their numbers on views and ratings are no longer live as they have to go over millions of lines of traffic logs to update their database. You will see various numbers represented in various sections (search results, your My Videos under your account, the actual video player page, etc). So we ask that you be patient and give YouTube sometime to update their databases. We ask that you give 24hrs before you start getting concerned and contacting us. If there was a problem on our end with the promotions then we’ll let you know.

Can you give us tips on best practice for posting on YouTube?
Of course we do, once you’re our customer we’ll astound you with tips and tricks that will help maximize your videos exposure on YouTube. The first 24-48hrs are significant for the success of your video. Besides views, you also need to consider other elements such as comments, ratings (likes), favorites, channel views and subscribers

Why should I order comments, ratings, favorites... to my videos?
Comments, ratings, favorites, subscribers... are there to complement to your videos. Imagine a video with hundred thousands of views, but it only has one or two comments, ratings, favorites, or worse, no subscribers or channel views, definitely visitors will raise a question about the genuineness of the video. They can give bad comments, bad ratings or flag your video which will eventually lead to a ban or removal of the video. Therefore well-balanced ratios among views, ratings, favorites, comments... are necessary.

Will you guarantee our account wont be flagged, suspended, or deleted?
Nope, can’t do that. But I’ll tell you this, in our history of promoting thousands of videos we’ve yet to see any accounts affected. We have seen accounts affected because they have copyrighted info or questionable content (sexually explicit, offensive material, etc). We use our promoting services with our own YouTube videos as well so we wouldn’t offer something that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Just have good judgment.

So who have you made famous on YouTube?
Well, you know ??????? who was on “??????? Show” and that girl ?????? ?????? who was featured on “?????? News”? Well how do you think they got recognized? That’s right, we’ve helped many people with all sorts of messages, personalities, products, etc get exposure but we can’t tell you who they are because we respect our customers privacy and we’ll respect yours. But trust me on this, you will get noticed!

If your services are so GREAT why isn’t everyone using it?
That’s a good point. First off, this is an exclusive service that we’ve only offered to our business network and contacts. Not many are aware of our services and that’s good for you, CONGRATS, you found us! Though you will be surprised how many are already using our service each day on YouTube. Despite that, YouTube is vast. There are so many categories, subjects matters, even YouTube sites for specific countries so there is always room for your video’s message.